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MT Motherlandboy was born in Paris (France), he Grew up in Bamako (Mali), and matured in Atlanta, that would the best way to describe his origins and upbringing. He is nothing short of an international prodigy , first got interested in music when he was 12 years old , starting a group with 3 other childhood friends, the Nesby Brothers. He grew up immersed in Hip Hop and drew his influence from artists like 2 Pac , Eminem, Jay Z , Nas , NTM, MC Solar, I AM, Lunatic (French Rappers). Back then MT was rapping in French, his native language. At the age of 18 he moved from Mali to the United States. He enrolled in college in Atlanta Georgia and found a renewed passion for Hip Hop this music that influenced him so much growing up in one of the poorest country on the planet. The MotherlandBoy is no stranger to the struggle and the pain that ravage his continent as he witnessed it first hand for 12 years; it is felt in every bar he raps. His Debut Mixtape “Coming to America” came out in 2013 with a sequel in 2014, they are both available online ( hosted by Atlanta owns DJ AONE. After countless appearances on different mixtapes and other artists projects, MT Motherlandboy is set to drop is first album “The Ambassador’s Bridge” LP , “Le Pond de l’ Ambassadeur” (in french) in December 2015 under his own label Motherland Music.